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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> captioned by the national captioning institute >> and despite the powerful winds that continue to blow throughout the area tonight the only impact seems to be on the hole daw travelers. the wind picked up overnight. >> we have complete team coverage tonight. we're going to get started with meteorologist steve rudin in the weather center. is the worst over? >> the worst is over but earlier today we had wind gusts over 60 miles an hour. maryland had wind gusts around 40 miles an hour. all the wind advisories have been cancels for our area then
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is welcome news. temperatures still chilly, still 41 at reagan initial. the colder air off to the west. scanning the skies, quiet conditions, high pressure moves overhead. that means our skies will clear for the overnight. we'll see temperatures that will eventually fall into the 20's to low to mid 30's and waking up to a little bit of sunshine. coming up, we'll talk about what to expect for christmas eve and christmas day. we could be looking at a more significant storm over the next seven days. >> that is not the news that people at dulles wanted. the winds caused backups at the airport tonight. richard, if a period of time it did slow things down at the airport. >> that's right. at least for now things seem to be dying down. these bushes were blowing around
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wildly just a short time ago. traveling through the holidays it could always been a hassle but the win added an additional element. a gusty day. >> a little bumpy coming in. >> it wasn't snow but 40 miles an hour wind. >> all our christmas deck creations were blown off the house. >> that affected holiday travelers. >> the flight was going to be delayed. >> authorities declared a high wind advisory. some flights had to change runways to avoid cross winds. >> it was bouncing pretty severely. >> debbie arrived at dulles after a 16 hour flilet from south america. she said the landing was the most exciting part of the trip. >> made a low turn on the runway and people were like --
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>> there were weather problems and mechanical delays. >> it was only a half hour but it does mess up your day. >> it was a little bit bumpy but the pilot did an amazing job. >> flying in from texas, she says she's been through this before. >> as long as you feel like the crew is calm i just think to myself, they have done this 100 times. >> arriving passengers say they are glad their holiday homecoming is safe. >> there were some people who said that was the bumpiest ride they ever had. >> some white knuckles out there but those folks are happy to be on the ground. the wind appears to be dying down. the airport now, you can see some of the traffic behind me is getting busy. >> thank you very much for that. two people are in the hospital after they were shot in a manassas convenient store.
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the shooting happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. police tell us a suspect is in custody but the shooting is still under investigation. police are investigation a deadly shooting in the northeast. two men were shot overnight. one of those victims 44-year-old raymond harris died. the other victim was hurt and taken to the hospital. police are still looking for the person or persons responsible. >> over to prince george's police are investigating a deadly accident. a car crash earlier today on the 9200 block of ridge road. five people were inside at the time and one of them died. four suspected robbers are in custody after they held up a bank in arlington. arlington county police say they stole cash from navy federal credit union this morning. police say the robbers likely stole money that was traceable. the suspects crossed into the district and were arrested.
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>> fire raged through a strip mall in maryland overnight. firefighters say the blaze started in one building and then the flames spread to two other businesses. no one was hurt but it caused $100,000 in damage. investigators don't know what caused the fire. >> to the latest on the elementary school shootings. the last of the victims of the connecticut school were buried today. as richard reports at the same time the tragedy is pushing gun reform to the top of the national agenda. >> flags across connecticut will return to full staff after sundown tonight. after the funeral services for the last three children. 7-year-old was laid to rest in newtown today. the 6 yeered loved to play the
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piano. and emily was funeral was held in utah. the tragedy shooting of 20 children and six adults has triggered action to promote gun control. today, gun owners cashed in their weapons. >> even if you get one of the street it is one less that has the potential to get into the wrong hands. >> rifles went for $75 handguns fetched up to delrs 200. the national debate over gun reform reunited again from the proposal of national rifle asetion from wayne lapierre to station armed guards at every school. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with a gun. >> several school districts have armed offers in the schools but new jersey republican governor
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doesn't think that is a good idea. >> if off armed guard at the front door what if the guy goes around to the side depoors. >> gun sales are continuing to rise in the aftermath of the school shooting. this gun store already sold out of its long guns. customers have been snatching up weapons at a rapid pace. they want to buy their guns now in case there are new laws passed. >> trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. one you might see a benefit in the your paychecks next year. >> the president is cutting the number of parties for the inauguration. we'll ted you what is different. >> we'll tell you
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00. >> despite a major defeat over plan b speaker john boehner is encouraging republicans to work with democrats to avoid the fiscal cliff. this comes a day after president obama said he will pursue a less am by shougs budget deal with republicans. there is good news no matter what congress does to address the problem, it is too late for employers to with hold income taxes from paychecks next month. employers are going to with hold the tax for the 2012 rates. >> president obama is restricting the number of inaugural balls to the lowest number in 60 years. there will be only two official parties right now. there was 10 held the last time around. there will be a concert honoring
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military families held on saturday before the inauguration. >> before the ina ration christmas. we are three days away. the holiday came a little early for some people. the women's organization has been an outreach to families that have people that are ill or incarcerated. >> thank you for all the people have done. this is overpowering. >> tears of joy as the washington wizards and volunteers delivered bags of gifts to her home. >> my goal is not to just play barble but do things the community. >> his daughter recently passed away after a battle with cancer leaving her the garppedquanian of three grandchildren. >> it won't replace him for me
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but it's going to ease the pain. it's going to ease it a lot. >> gibbs herself is also fighting cancer and her family is one of many receiving a helping hand from the women's wing organization. >> at nearby marshall elementary school christmas came early. all of these children have parents in prison, fighting illness or unable to provide all of this. >> we're able to put all of that aside. >> more than 250 children received gifts and toys from the organization this holiday season that range from babies to 17-year-olds. they were donated or purchased by the women's organization. >> i appreciate everything. >> because of her health audrey was not able to attend but she says after such a special delivery she can't say thank you enough.
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>> well, despite the powerful winds that were blowing around town there was not a lot of damage. we'll tell you where this down tree shut down traffic this afternoon. >> speaking of the high winds.
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>> ok, so while the wind did not cause too much damage there was this one found in cliffton. route 29, earlier this afternoon crews were called out to clean up the mess. >> that is a big tree. >> we were lucky. we have wind gusts out to the west and closer to town 40 to 50 miles an hour. those wind gusts are now gone. that is good news. >> i could not keep my hat on
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earlier today. >> outside right now our skies are clearing and the winds are settling down. the wind chill factor is not as bad. our wind chill will go up as the wind diminishes. it is 40 degrees at the reagan national. look for winds to decrease by early tomorrow morning. 45 is the high earlier today. exactly where we are this time of the year. the record is 72 back in 1889. at the children's hospital is feels 10 degrees colder. and in maryland, dropping into the mid 30's where it feels like it is just around freezing. temperatures range from mid 30's as you head closer to the district and chesapeake bay. cooler air off to the west of us and that is all the cold air
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that is out there right now. colder air on the way. give it another few days we will feel and see the difference and we'll see a potential for a few flakes of snow. nothing is going to amount to a lot. wind chill factors beginning to improve. this is the winds die you. high pressure overhead then is going to keep clear skies in the forecast tonight. lots of sunshine for tomorrow. but a weak system is going to approach during the day on monday. that's what is going to give us a chance for a few showers, a few flakes of snow and it will be out of here late christmas eve. waking up christmas morning we should see a good deal of sunshine. doppler radar, it is quiet and dry and it remains for that way for the next 24 hours. here's the futurecast, a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will move into the mid 40's by tomorrow afternoon.
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clouds will increase on christmas eve followed by a chance for a few showers. it will quickly move on by. christmas day appears dry and temperatures in the lower to mid 40's. 25 to 34 for overnight lows. the winds will diminish out of the west. then for the day tomorrow, mostly sunny and cool, 45 to 50 degrees. winds out of the southwest. here's your extended outlook. it shows temperatures cooling down just a bib. this happens wednesday and thursday. look at wednesday. a better chance for a winterry mix. right now, computer models indicate that the system will move far enough inland or toad the west that we'll get mainly rain here in d.c. a lot can change between now and then. we'll keep you updated. >> it would be nice to have a white christmas. last night was the longest night
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. >> yeah. >> it is still 24 hours. >> all right. we need a winning local team. >> it is a local athlete. >> exactly. if you want to escape the weather go watch basketball. we are less than 24 hours away from the biggest game of the season. will rg3 be in it?
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>> it's been 30 years since american university beat georgetown. number 15 georgetown, today at the verizon the eagles won in an upset. in the first half they score right there and won. going town holds on -- georgetown holds on with the steal and pa cross court pass and it is good on the three.
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he has led 40 at the half. he steps up and hits the three. they win 65-48. george mason at richmond, corey edwards dsdz to go for a drive. kicks it out with a buzzer-beater three. mason wins 67-64. here is the collective sigh around the washington region and maybe on our news desk. barring any setback robert griffin will play on the sunday. that is what the coach told the media and as you can see on the screen he looks like he is good to go, fully participated. at this point, the skins als control their own destiny. they want rg3 back in true form
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taking snaps. but will it be the same? >> if you're asking me if he is 100% i don't think anyone is 100% especially after that a.c.l. injury. i like what i see. as i said before if there is no setback he should be ready to go. i can't make that decision yet because you don't know if there is going to be any repercussion. >> the window zards are track to win 10 games this season. washington was without two players but john wall will return to practice after the first of the year. they need him back. wizards and pistons in detroit. they did not even play the video of the game in the locker room because it was that bad. wizards get blown out. the coach apologized to the
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fans. >> i apologize to the ownership and the fans back home if they did watch it. i would have turned it off. i would have turned it off after the first five minutes. that falls on me. we have to find five that can play and play with confidence like you belong in the nba. >> had a beaten down man. there are reports that raven's player is not coming back. >> rest him up and we'll see how he does in the postseason. >> iron man. >> big game tomorrow for rg3.
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>> holiday travel, of course, can be stressful if you a music group tries to make the trip easier. how would you like to walk off the tarmac to that? these are members of the idaho state violinists. they perform at the airport every year at this time. >> that's great. >> that would reduce a little bit of stress. >> it sounds good. >> we should invite them to the d.c. area. >> let's look at the outlook here. our temperatures are 50 degrees not as windy. christmas eve, a few showers, a few flakes of snow. tuesday here is dry on christmas day. we could look at a wintery mix come wednesday but it does not look like a substantial storm.
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>> we're glad to hear that. >> thank you for joining us. we


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